Welcome to Ship Finder, a marine traffic web app designed to track live vessel activity from across the world’s seas and oceans developed by Pinkfroot. Showing you up to the minute ship tracking data broadcast straight from vessels equipped with AIS transmitters to our receivers showing you information like:
✔Ship name
✔Vessel type
✔MMSI number
✔IMO number
✔Destination port
✔Estimated Time of Arrival
✔Ship statistics
✔And much more!
We’ve got users who use the app for everything from a ship spotting tool through to live boat tracking for marine traffic awareness. Watch your friends or family live on their cruise ship as they sail on their holidays across the globe or if you’re a maritime enthusiast and have an interest in shipping this is the ultimate app for you!
Explore the site to its full extent and use the playback feature to view previous vessel voyage history, share interesting ships, boats and marine activity and stay in touch with the latest in shipping news. Keep up to date with us through Twitter, Facebook and remember to join our ship spotting community.
Also available as a mobile app for you to download and enjoy on the move for iPhone, iPad, Android and Microsoft Windows Phone 7.

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