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What features are in Shipfinder.co?

Hopefully all of the features in shipfinder.co are easy to see and use. Just to make sure, below is a list of features currently in place. If you have any questions about how to use Ship Finder please email us at support@pinkfroot.com or use the form on the Contact page.

  • Live moving ships
  • Detailed ship information including photographs
  • Detailed voyage information including route history, destination and ETA
  • Filter by vessel type
  • Search by ship name, MMSI, IMO, destination, IMO, callsign or location
  • Plotting of historic journeys (Playback)
  • Embed a location specific map in your own website
  • Share a URL to a ship, a journey or a location
  • Variable speed playback of historic voyage data by date and time
  • Share a ship or voyage via twitter or facebook
  • Google Earth “Sail Me” simulator

Why can’t I see every ship?

By way of explanation we pick up AIS data transmitted by ships and received by ground base stations.
Vessels must be equipped with suitable transmission equipment for them to be detected by our receivers. Only passengers vessels 300 tons have to use the system. Whilst many yachts and smaller vessels are equipped many more are not and therefore don’t show up. We are seeing more added all of the time as equipment becomes cheaper and uses continue to grow.

See the How Ship Finder Works page for more information.

Why can’t I see ships in my area?

We operate a growing network of our own equipment supported by data sharers across the globe. However we don’t yet have data for all locations.

We are actively adding AIS feeds as fast as we can but please let us know if your area is missing and we’ll do our best to help.
If you can share data, know of any data AIS data sources or would be interested in hosting equipment for us then please let us know.

See the Coverage page for more information.

Why can’t I see ship photographs for all vessels?

Our photograph database is rapidly expanding. If you have a photograph you would like to see in Ship Finder, you can easily upload it via the Pinkfroot website.  All photographs are attributed to the author within Ship Finder and we run regular competitions for the best photographs.

Map Optimisation checkbox (Internet Explorer Only)

We have worked hard to optimise Shipfinder.co to cope with a wide range of computers and browsers.

When using Internet Explorer on a low specification device, such as a Netbook or an older PC, you may find that the ships in Shipfinder.co flicker when moving.

Switching to Chrome or Firefox to use Shipfinder.co should fix the problem.
If you prefer to use Internet Explorer, and not see the flicker, then please untick the “Map optimisations” checkbox.
This is found in the Map Options/Map tab and will give additional CPU resource to Shipfinder.co.

Show ship info in pop out window checkbox

Shipfinder.co uses popups for photos and as an option for a moveable display window.

If using popups for the display we recommend that you have the popup blocker disabled in your internet browser. This will ensure seamless operation with playback links etc.

For best performance we also recommend Chrome, Firefox or Safari.