Cargo Ship Rena Breaks in Two

The Cargo ship Rena broke in two overnight spilling containers and debris into the sea in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

The wreck was hit by 6m waves during the heaviest storms since she ran aground in October.

There were still up to 800 containers onboard at the time of the storm.

You can see activity in the Bay of Plenty using playback on

The breakup is already impacting the environment with debris seen in the sea.
The BBC have reported that the waters have also been clouded by one of the containers following the release of milk powder.
It is expected that some of the containers and probably the stern section too will sink.

This is obvioulsy going to make the ongoing salvage and container discharge work all the more difficult.

MV Rena Taken by Nick Haslam

Special thanks to Nick Haslam for keeping us up to date on progress and sending through some superb photos of the ongoing discharge work.