Geraldton Yacht Hit by Giant Wave

Overnight we heard that 68ft yacht the Geraldton Western Australia was hit by a giant wave injuring crew members and causing damage to the yacht.

CV6 Geraldton Western Australia is one of 10 68-foot yachts competing in the Clipper Round The World Yacht Race.

Geraldton Yacht

Four crew members, three British and One Australian, are reported to have been hurt.

They suffered a range of injuries including broken ribs and are being treated by medically trained colleagues.

A container ship has been diverted to offer assistance to the Geraldton which is still around 400 miles off the Californian coast.

It is also hoped that para-jumpers from the US Coastguard can reach the racing yacht when weather conditions subside.

We have already seen the leaders arrive on Ship Finder over the last few days.

CV1 Gold Coast has won this leg of the race and can be seen as she approached the finishing line on Ship Finder.

Currently CV9 Qingdao can also be seen nearing the finish line (06:30 UTC April 1 2012)

Ship tracking screenshot

Geraldton is also on her way into port although is still two to three days away and is underway using secondary steering.

The race takes place every two years ant the teams are currently approaching Oakland, San Francisco having left China last month.

The Clipper Round The World Yacht Race is expected to finish in Southampton, England in July 2012.

This photo was taken as the yachts left Southampton for the start line off Cowes in July 2011..

Clipper fleet image