HMS Cumberland arrives in Portsmouth for decommission

Today ( February 17 2012) we witnessed the sad site of HMS Cumberland arriving in Portsmouth.

She arrived looking decidedly the worse for wear with various parts already removed.

This includes the AIS system. She was therefore invisible to Ship Finder!

HMS Cumberland (F85) was a Type 22 Frigate nicknamed the fighting sausage!

HMS Cumberland

Shown above entering Portsmouth Harbour on February 17 2012 with Tug Vortex in the foreground.

Interestingly the image also shows the Deep Diver 1 engaged in preparing Portsmouth Harbour for the two new Super Carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales expected in 2016.

The last active role for HMS Cumberland was as part of Operation Ellamy in Libya in March 2011.

Here she is seen in better days – photo courtesy of Nick Mercer.

HMS Cumberland

HMS Cumberland

Builder: Yarrow Shipbuilders
Launched: 21 June 1986
Commissioned: 10 June 1989
Decommissioned: June 2011-2012