Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant – Live Tracking

Over 1,000 historical vessels are gearing up for today’s stunning pageant on the River Thames.

The Jubilee Pageant is the main event during the long weekend of celebrations of the 60 year reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen’s vessel, Spirit of Chartwell, will join the flotilla at 3 p.m.

We don’t expect many of the historical vessels to be using AIS but we are already seeing some interesting traffic.

Tenacious, one of the many tall ships taking part, is regularly tracked by Ship Finder.

Today she is part of the ‘Avenue of Sail’ moored along the banks of The Thames near Tower Bridge.

The screenshot below shows Tenacious and was taken at 11:45 from the live vessel tracker website

Despite the poor weather in London today the event is expected to attract massive crowds enjoying this wonderful spectacle.

Here are details of a few of the pageant’s stand-out vessels, including who will be on board (source:

  • Spirit of Chartwell – The Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Wales, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. The Queen will be met at Chelsea Pier by The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall
  • Havengore – The Duke of York, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, the Earl and Countess of Wessex and Boris Johnson. Boarding at Imperial Pier
  • Trinity House No 1 Boat – The Princess Royal and Vice-Admiral Sir Tim Laurence
  • RNLI Diamond Jubilee Lifeboat – The Duke of Kent and Princess Alexandra
  • Gloriana – Sir Matthew Pinsent, Sir Steve Redgrave, Paralympic champions and disabled British Servicemen
  • The Symphony – The London Philharmonic Orchestra travels aboard one of ten music herald barges in the flotilla
  • Gillian – Beautiful Thames skiff from the Edwardian era still on the Thames 104 years after being built in 1908
  • Invasion Boat I – Was in the 2010 film ‘Robin Hood’, crew will include polar explorer Will Gow (great nephew of Shackleton) and former Cambridge University Boat Club president John Carver
  • Orca – Celtic longboat, carries “Henry VII” and rowed by beautiful maidens in 15th-century dress
  • Marisa Cristiano – Gondola made in Venice in 1985 and previously owned by a restaurant whose waiters were taught to row by the gondolier in the famous Cornetto advert of 25 years ago
  • Shackleton – heritage vessel coming from New Zealand
  • St. Michael’s Mount State Barge – Built in 1740, this is possibly the oldest vessel in the world still afloat
  • Connaught – Finest example of Edwardian pleasure boat will produce six trumpet heralds
  • Silver Darling – Very luxurious Sunseeker carrying a Damien Hurst artwork on board
  • Silver Queen – Dunkirk Little Ship is reportedly the “most beautiful boat on the Thames”
  • Cob – Service boat requisitioned by the Royal Navy during WWI and also used in WWII which was eventually sold for £1
  • Pyronaut – Historic fireboat that can still provide a spectacular water jet
  • Angelus – Rare Kipper Kraak barge built in 1884, this is one of the oldest vessels in the pageant and is the same age as Tower Bridge
  • Endeavour – Used at Dunkirk in 1940, she then sank in 1987 but was later raised by enthusiasts
  • Tenacious – Beautiful sailing ship (pictured above) launched in 2000 and run by the Jubilee Sailing Trust to encourage combining able-bodied and physically disabled in crewing the ship. Tenacious will be part of the ‘Avenue of Sail’ moored along the banks of those 47 tall ships too big to pass under Tower Bridge

Full details of the route, vantage points and timings can be found at