Titanic Memorial Cruise hit by bad weather and a medical emergency

The MS Balmoral Titanic memorial cruise has hit more problems after bad weather caused a delay leaving Cobh overnight.

The ship is now reported to have turned back in order to get closer to land and within the range of the Coastguard helicopter.

Is is believed that one person needs to be evacuated after suffering a suspected heart attack.

Sea conditions in the area are reported to be rough to very rough with 15ft waves and strong winds

MS Balmoral was seen leaving Irish waters earlier today on Ship Finder – The AIS destination was set to TITANIC WRECKAGE.

The M S Balmoral cruise is retracing the voyage of RMS Titanic 100 years ago.

Here she is last night leaving Cobh Harbour.

Balmoral cruise ship leaving Cobh

MS Balmoral – Cobh – April 9th 2012 – Photo by Gandfitz

And below setting out on the re-creation of the Titanic voyage in better weather.

Balmoral cruise ship
Photo by Mark Daniels – Southampton Water – April 08 2012